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Keeping the Dream Alive


I’m going to put thirty seconds of typing and ten minutes of google image searching to ask: How do you feel about the new Avett Brothers album?

stolen from the internet somewhere

The Avett Brothers are thinking about "Don Quixote" and the essence of man.


The single/title track “I and Love and You” has been receiving a lot of air time (and by air time, I mean it’s being sold at Starbucks) and I wonder if that’s all the album will get. The single sounds quite a bit different from their other stuff–less banjos, less of the wail-y country stuff that carries “Emotionalism.” I don’t think, over all, that they’re an incredibly strong band but I do like the single. Probably because I am a woman and am wooed by heartbreak and Brooklyn. Even though I’ve never been.

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    11|08|09 11:31 pm

    I suck at formatting.

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