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Today’s Workday.


Kyle’s suggestion: “We don’t need to buy one. We snare one.”

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  1. Justin Norman permalink
    12|07|09 3:19 pm

    Some colleagues and I were discussing the merits of “catching” a deer, and how this could be done. We devised a plan to use corn on a line and hook for a form of catch and release deer hunting. Do the same with honey, and yourself and Kyle could be in for an interesting afternoon.

  2. jeff permalink
    12|11|09 8:07 am

    why didn’t you tell me you were in the market for a bear? i wrote a paper in high school about how to catch a bear. a little taste of the beginning for you:

    You decide you want a bear. Maybe you were watching the Discovery Channel or maybe you were at a bar and you saw a crazy Viking man come in with his bear or maybe you just started thinking about bears one day. Whatever the reason, you want a bear.
    You call the local pet store, but they just sold their last bear and won’t be getting another shipment until next month. You can’t wait that long. You want a bear, and you want it now.
    You try to think where else you could find a bear. You think about the zoo. The zoo is really big and complicated, so many animals—you figure they must have at least a dozen varieties of bears. The zookeeper doesn’t like you very much, he’s still mad from the time you tried to steal a monkey. He’d probably try to give you a Mexican Alpine bear, which for all you know could be the meanest bear there. You want a nice bear, but don’t feel much like doing research. You decide not to go to the zoo.
    You remember your Uncle Tom, who has a bear ranch in upstate New York. He has all types of bears at his bear ranch. He’s got big ones, tall ones, fat ones, small ones. All types of bears. You suddenly realize your Uncle Tom is your hero. You call him, but his phone is dead, and a recorded voice reports the number has been disconnected indefinitely.
    You decide to catch a bear the old fashioned way. You grab an oversized fisherman’s net and take your neighbor’s pickup truck. You don’t ask your neighbor, but you know he’ll understand. Pickup trucks are key for catching bears. You start the engine and before you know it you’re parked on the side of some back road, next to a bear crossing sign.

    yeah i left you with a real cliff hanger. let me know if you want the rest.

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