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Kyle, Administrator and Contributor

Kyle is a visual artist and very deep thinker. He has won numerous awards for the sheer depth of his deepness and is considered an authority on great ideas. An attractive journalist of immense, almost inhuman talent, Kyle hopes that one day the tiny, helpless citizens of the Earth may all benefit from his immense mental capacity and forethought.



Jordan, Contributor

Jordan is a video artist and substitute teacher. He writes for this blog when he should be doing other things, like making money. Please send your SS# and bank account information to him at jordanwharrison [at] gmail [dot] com.



Allanna, Contributor

Allanna is the only one here who can give birth, but is the least likely to actually do so. She thinks Italian food, jeans, babies, holding hands, and sandwiches are overrated. Yes, that is a challenge.





Dean, Contributor

Dean Wheeler Turpin III (born 27 December 1944) is an English guitaristsongwriter and record producer, best known as the founding member of the rock bandForeigner and producing Billy Joel’s seminal 1989 classic, Storm Front.

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